Sassyllama or Oddkazz?

2015-07-30 10:23:44 by OddKazz

I know I said I had another account, but honestly, it's such a hassle. So you'll see the name Oddkazz, but mehhhhhh I'm Sassyllama now. 


2015-03-05 19:01:24 by OddKazz

'ey peeps, so I know that I hardly update here anymore, but with my "comeback" or just more free time and more inspiration, I want to announce that my account is changed and I have moved. The new newgrounds account is


Thanks guys for your support! I will be posting my videos there!

Hey guys, I've been really busy with school and work, so animations haven't been comin as often as I would have hoped! But I'm still makin' dem cartoonz. New Game Grump comin soon(asap), and a few originals are in the works. Thanks for all the support guys!